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– style wind social evaluation work officially started – the city to participate in the evaluation of departments and industry 52 – ranked last, the main responsible person will be admonishing conversation

newspaper news (reporter Xiao Fang) the day before, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "2015 style wind society in Xining city implementation plan", officially launched the style wind social evaluation. According to the implementation of the plan, the evaluation of mobilization, organization and implementation, statistical analysis of three steps. Through the test and evaluation of the district departments of industry regulation four winds, turn style, fostering new, correct damage the interests of the masses to change the style, enhance the effectiveness of unwholesome tendencies, and optimize the environment of work achievements.

"implementation plan" clearly, the city to participate in style wind assessment departments and industry a total of 52, according to the function is divided into law enforcement supervision, comprehensive management, industry management and business services 4. The government department mainly focus on clean government, change the function, style and performance of the construction, to perform their duties according to law of Party and government affairs, serving the people, improve people’s livelihood and appraise the situation; business service industry mainly focuses on the law integrity management, serving the masses, the style of construction, public affairs, honest business and occupation moral situation review. Evaluation work to take the city, county (District) level is responsible for the classification and evaluation, comprehensive evaluation method. By evaluation of departments and industry style wind social comprehensive evaluation score of 100 points from 5 points, representing the evaluation of the masses satisfaction survey of 65 points and 30 points three parts online review. "2015 Qinghai province style wind social evaluation work online review work vote scheduled for November 5th 0:00, November 13th 24:00 end. Each district, each unit in this period of time can visit the Qinghai news network, Qinghai provincial government, Qinghai discipline inspection network and the Xining City People’s Government of Qinghai province and Xining city style wind review.

wind evaluation results will be in the website, newspapers, television and radio and other media to the public release, the comprehensive ranking results as an important basis for the participating departments and industry clean and honest assessment, unit of spiritual civilization award, the annual work targets assessment. For the first two consecutive years in the sort of ranking in the first sector and industry, can be classified as the next year, the assessment object. To sort the bottom sector and industry, according to the management authority, by the relevant departments of the main person in charge of admonishing conversation, and cancel then appraised qualifications. For two consecutive years to sort the bottom sector and industry, according to the relevant provisions of honest government responsibility, accountability of the leadership.


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