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with the smooth Xining three year plan, the overall implementation of the special action of the three, three rivers and six banks to create a green landscape ecological corridor, and gradually improve the infrastructure of the six…… The public has seen more and more beautiful, more and more livable Xining, which is more expected to build Xining into a good taste, good quality, good evaluation of the fine livable city.

in NPC and CPPCC City, mayor Zhang Xiaorong pointed out in the "government work report": "lay a solid foundation not slack, trying to bring the city every detail of the construction is more close to the public, close to the masses, to create excellent new living environment, to become the people of all ethnic groups sharing the" happy Xining "." This is a good news, not only caused on behalf of members of the hot, also responded to the public could see the mountains, see the water, enjoy a more comfortable and livable life expectation.

for this reason, this reporter linked Xining urban and rural planning and construction sector, the quality of the future of the mysterious veil of Xining.


rain farewell to see the sea

from the future

combined with urban rail transit, river management, road improvement, and so on to promote the construction of the underground pipe gallery.

– "road zipper" problem

completed 45 km Bay Road, such as the construction of integrated pipe gallery. The 7 area university new campus, bridges and bridges east area, Xichuan metro area, Nanchuan District, Metro area, Toba Lake District, East District, a total of 19 roads under the pipe gallery, a total length of about 45 km, with the road construction, simultaneous construction of the monitoring center 5. Estimated total investment of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, plans to start construction in March this year, completed by the end of 2017.

[people look forward to] underground construction of the city is out of sight "lining", "lining" works well, the city really have "face"".

let the rain natural accumulation, infiltration, purification

2016 Xining will continue to declare national sponge city construction pilot cities; leading role to strengthen the Lake District demonstration area of 17.24 square kilometers, with 3 years of pilot city construction work plan, and actively promote the pilot area and construction project has been started, the sponge city construction; promote the overall development of the East Jianguo Road, West Lake South Road, Nanshan Road, north to the Huangshui River, the coordinated development of a total of 16 square kilometers of the center and demonstration area, combining the shanty towns and urban and rural reconstruction, the old district of organic renewal, solve the city waterlogging, bid farewell to the rain to see the sea scene, the use of rainwater collection, promote the overall regional governance.

[people look forward] whether from the perspective of urban construction, or to solve the livelihood of the people as the starting point, Xining actively strive for sponge city pilot, is a Huimin move.

Butterfly: driving through outreach in

starting from the details

further increase the intensity of infrastructure construction, improve urban functions. ;

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