Cultural Huimin promote reform cohesion forward to build a public cultural service network

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government work report pointed out that in 2013, the province’s cultural Huimin continue to deepen. Eight major projects to promote cultural construction, the basic completion of the public cultural service network.

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since the establishment of the provincial Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., personnel, distribution, artistic production of all the enterprise operation, the average wage growth of 10% compared to the previous restructuring. 2013, performing arts group performances 1134 games, including the grassroots performances of the 473 games, more than ten million yuan income." As the implementation of the province’s cultural system reform and participants, the provincial CPPCC members, provincial culture and press and Publication office, Cao Ping witnessed the whole process of reform.

Cao Ping said that the implementation of the cultural system reform, so that the province’s cultural industry characteristics, the sudden emergence of". At present, the province’s national cultural industry demonstration base reached 8; provincial cultural industry demonstration base, units, demonstration parks, demonstration households reached 84. The national cultural industry and Qiang Yi Corridor project covers the province of Xining, Haidong and 6 States 30 counties (city), planning a total of 23 cultural industry projects, a total investment of 2 billion 908 million yuan.

through a series of reform initiatives, cultural resources integration and optimization, some cultural business units to achieve the transformation, the internal vitality of nonprofit cultural institutions to enhance the functions of the government, gradually realize the change.

to speed up the implementation of the cultural system reform, there is a clear point: to promote the deepening of cultural huimin. The provincial government issued "on the further strengthening of grass-roots cultural construction opinions", a public cultural facilities as the main position, the flow of cultural services to supplement the coverage of the province’s provincial and municipal (state), county, township and village five public cultural service network basically formed. In 2013, the province’s Cultural Press and publication departments to continue to do the "cultural home village" project, 417 administrative villages in the province is equipped with sound, musical instruments, clothing, sports equipment, TV, CD etc.; for each administrative village of the province’s farm house added $two thousand worth of books; station of electronic reading room equipment for the province’s 140 towns culture; 19 counties in our province in the library is equipped with $4 million 560 thousand worth of books of mobile service vehicles; invested 10 million 800 thousand yuan, equipped with digital library equipment for the seven states, the city and the provincial library.

up to now, Xining, Golmud City, the 6 communities have been rated as the national advanced community culture; Haidong, Hainan and other places of the 29 townships named by the Ministry of culture of Chinese folk art and culture. Golmud became the first to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area.

Provincial People’s Congress, Golmud mayor Luo Baowei said that last year, Golmud city will focus on building activities China Salt Lake City Kunlun Cultural Tourism Festival, mountain Documentary Festival of brand culture festival, advancing into the barracks, into the enterprise, into the campus, into the site, into the farm, the grass-roots cultural activities regularly. Take government employees, equal pay for equal employment, etc., to strengthen professional writing;

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