Executive meeting of Xining the first responsibility to protect the ecological shoulder

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October 11th, Xining mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government thirty-seventh executive meeting to consider "on further support the development of county economy", "Xining City, some measures for the development of low-carbon energy saving 2014-2015 action plan", listen to the Municipal Economic Commission and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in Xining City, the development of circular economy, adjusting the industrial structure, resolve excess production capacity, comprehensive pollution control and pollution reduction, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive control of water pollution.

meeting stressed that the protection of the ecological environment is to protect our survival and development of a good home. Governments at all levels and departments, units, citizens should take the responsibility of ecological protection on the shoulder, the implementation of the action. Meeting requirements, one should strengthen the concept of ecological civilization, the construction of ecological Xining. The county departments should thoroughly study and understand the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of ecological civilization, learning important deployment implement the provincial government on the construction of ecological civilization first area, firmly establish the "ecological protection first" sense of responsibility, to build economic, social and ecological development, ecological Xining harmonious relationships between man and nature. Two we must resolutely implement the 2014-2015 energy conservation and emission reduction action plan for low-carbon development. All localities and departments should refine the action goal, formulate the work plan, the development of circular economy, to resolve the overcapacity, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, to ensure the full completion of energy-saving emission reduction targets and tasks issued by the provincial government. Three to do a good job of ecological environmental protection inspection work. On the basis of the province to determine the issue of rectification, strict self-examination, list of rectification list, according to the law and strictly pragmatic implementation of the rectification, to ensure the rectification of the problem one by one in place. Four to continue to do a good job in the comprehensive management of air pollution. Ton output capacity determination, strong effective measures, strict strict accountability, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks of governance. To accelerate the progress of Huangshui River comprehensive management. Accelerate the construction of sewage treatment plants and reconstruction, severely punish violations of various types of water pollution, to ensure continuous improvement of water quality in Huangshui river. Six to strengthen environmental protection law enforcement supervision. Strengthen the supervision team building, improve the level of supervision and technical capabilities, adhere to the close integration of special governance and daily supervision, keep the bottom line of ecological protection. Seven to strengthen publicity and education. Increase the ecological environmental policy advocacy efforts, and actively promote civilization, conservation, green, low-carbon production and lifestyle. To plan a good ecological environmental protection project. Municipal Development and reform, finance, environmental protection and other relevant departments to plan and cooked key ecological environmental protection projects, and actively strive for national and provincial funds and technical support, the bold exploration of the use of market instruments to guide social capital in the construction of environmental protection projects.


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