Hoh Xil Tibetan antelope Protection Exhibition in Shanghai

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June 4th, world environment day, the day before yesterday, the Hoh Xil Tibetan antelope Protection Exhibition in Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower officially opened. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by the Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve Administration and Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group, Amway (China) Commodity Co. Ltd., Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower Co. Ltd. and Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group Centre.

the exhibition featured 60 works, including the famous photographer Chinese Hoh Xil deeply taken about the Tibetan antelope, wild animal and plateau scenery pictures in recent years, and the guardian of the Hoh Xil are extremely hard and bitter journey in the protection of the plateau wizard scene. The exhibition aims to arouse the public’s concern about the living conditions of wildlife and enhance the awareness and consciousness of protecting wildlife and protecting the environment.

Co – Amway

the exhibition (Chinese) Commodity Co. Ltd. since 2011 carry out into the Hoh Xil to protect the world’s last pure land "activities, help interrupt 6 years of HOHXIL volunteer recruitment activities restarted, and volunteers in the Hoh Xil, Tibetan antelope migration channel guard. At the same time, Amway also adopted protection station has just saved a small antelope, named it "an antelope". In July 2012, the Amway Corp back into the Hoh Xil, and combined with China Environmental Protection Foundation, the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League, Qinghai Volunteers Association initiated the formation of the "Ling fund together, to provide funding for continued protection Tibetan antelope, wild animal. (reporter Xiao Chen)


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