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proposal "back home" refers to a proposal in the various departments around a circle, and returned to the hands of the proposal wholly intact. The CPPCC reporter from the January 14th meeting of the thirteenth session of the Xining City Committee of the third meeting was informed that this year, the Xining municipal CPPCC will collect, through innovative proposal review assigned by the way, build quality proposal, eliminate the lack of forward-looking proposals, proposal "back home" and other issues.

in Xining last year, NPC and CPPCC, CPPCC member Ma Qinguo proposed "on the settlement and primary school students go to school traffic problems" of the proposal by the Xining municipal CPPCC’s attention, was listed as the focus of the proposal. Finally, the Xining municipal CPPCC leadership survey, on-site supervision held by the Xining City Department of transportation, the Lake District Management Committee and other relevant departments to participate in the meeting, and primary school children to go to school far problem.

this is just one example of the CPPCC Xining people’s livelihood concerns. It is understood that since the time, the two meeting of the thirteen session of the Xining Municipal Committee of the CPPCC held, received a total of 235 pieces of the proposal, after reviewing the case assigned by 170, all the proposals have been completed for the reply, the proposal for the satisfaction rate of 95%.

even so, there is still a lack of forward-looking proposals Xining CPPCC proposals, timeliness is not strong, difficult to implement, the contractor is not in place and other issues. This year, the Xining municipal CPPCC will be through a variety of effective ways to enable the members to timely understand the Xining city development situation, economic and social department work key points and demands of the people, enhance the pertinence and validity of the proposal, the proposal to "return" etc.. (author: Wu Yachun)

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