Xining City Federation of trade unions to promote collective wage negotiations

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in order to further accelerate the collective wage negotiations in Xining to promote the process, complete the "three year plan" objectives and tasks, Xining City Federation of trade unions will take various measures to actively promote the city’s collective wage consultation.

in order to improve the professional ability and work level of trade unions at all levels of the collective wage negotiation staff, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions has held the collective wage consultation training classes and seminars in Xining City, three counties and four District Federation of trade unions, trade unions, the park enterprise bureau of trade union committee and the township (street), trade union official comrades attended the training. At the end of July to early August, union leaders went to park 18 companies on the collective wage negotiations to carry out research work, to further understand the progress of the four parks collective wage consultation, in preparation for the main ideas and measures to clear clear the recent accelerating collective wage consultation.

at the beginning of September held in Xining to promote the park collective wage consultation forum, around the park collective wage negotiations do in-depth communication, summarizes the achievements already made, analysis of existing problems, sort of talk about future ideas; joint municipal labor relations, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC), City Federation of industry and Commerce three party held collective wage negotiations in Xining "offer action month" ceremony, put forward specific requirements on the "offer action month" activities and the collective wage consultation. At the same time, in order to further understand the main problems in collective wage negotiations, sort out a strong impetus to the future work of collective bargaining, the total led plan for 1 months, take the discussion, questionnaire, visit a line workers and other forms of in-depth investigation of 100 enterprises in Xining city. The final formation of valuable research reports, provide the basis for the relevant decision-making departments.


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