Xining power supply company to carry out safe production month activities

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Xining power supply company closely around the center of the network security work, early mobilization, early deployment, combined with the power grid peak summer, with rich and varied forms of activities, solidly carry out safe production activities.

in the premise of Safety Month activities target, Xining power supply company from the education guiding employees to raise awareness of the importance and necessity of safe production activities of the organization, the majority of employees with "anti illegal, in addition to risk, comprehensive management, large-scale signing activity security" as the theme of the company is still organization staff; the national electric power industry related safety laws, regulations and rules, analyzes all kinds of accidents, the obstacle brother unit, carry out discussion, and carry out the "hundred days of production safety accidents without competition" and "anti illegal, in addition to risks, in all companies within the scope of the hundred days safety activities" thesis collection activities in order to strengthen the safety management, the implementation of preventive measures, the construction of enterprise safety culture camp around the campaign.

at the same time, the safety during the month, Xining power supply company will organize employees to participate in the provincial and municipal government departments and provincial organization of production safety publicity and consultation activities and organization of the Qinghai electric power dispatching center of Qinghai power grid in 2007 Yingfengduoxia joint anti accident exercise; carry out the "hand in hand", the safe use of electricity into the campus and other activities; the use of closed-circuit television, newspapers, security information network, promotional posters and a variety of promotional tools, increase publicity and implement the "People’s Republic of China production safety law" and other safety and regulation, timely reports on the company to carry out safe production activities of the situation. (author Wan Majia)


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