Xining seven games will be opened tomorrow

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August 10th, every four years a comprehensive exercise session, Xining City, the highest level, the largest city of the seventh games will be opened in the chase, games set up a youth group and adult group of 2 groups, there are athletics, football, wrestling and other 28 projects, while the addition of grilled beef, push pull rod so, the Gladiator national project. A total of 52 units of more than 6000 athletes to participate in the competition.

this games will be hosted by the municipal government, Datong County Government, the Municipal Sports Bureau contractors to "grand, warm, pragmatic, economical" principle, highlighting the "bodybuilding, civilization, harmony, green" concept.

in recent years, the city’s sports work in the municipal government under the correct leadership has made considerable progress. On the basis of investment in the city fitness leisure square, basketball court, badminton center and other sports venues, the construction of national fitness path 224, the national fitness Plaza, 18. For the 50 villages and towns of the 444 administrative villages to build a rural standard cement basketball court 444, the allocation of sports fitness equipment, 1922. Multi channel fund investment has greatly eased the majority of farmers’ demand for physical fitness. At present, the city has set up 43 sports clubs, associations, for the mass sports activities to provide an organizational guarantee. Every year in August 8th "National Fitness Day" as the key to quality events as an opportunity to major holidays as a platform to carry out a wide range of ethnic, folk, traditional, special sports activities, the national fitness activities constantly, constantly, constantly highlights climax ", in the formation of a" exercise every day, every week, every month there are annual events, uninterrupted "fitness atmosphere, mass sports activities held every year up to 40 times, from all walks of life to participate in fitness of the masses of 600 thousand people (times). Competitive sports achievements made a new breakthrough in the Seventh National City Games last year, the city’s athletes won the gold, copper, 3, won the National City Games in the history of the best results of the competition in the history of the city of the National Games, the best results of the history of the city of the National Games, the best results in the history of the National Games in the history of the city. At the same time, the new year’s day race in Xining area, the plateau kite tournament, mountain biking, hiking and other international festival brand events, publicity and Xiadu Xining great beauty of Qinghai, enhance the visibility of Xining has played a positive role. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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