Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce Xining Consumer Association arrangements for 2012

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according to the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the Provincial Consumer Association of the overall deployment and requirements, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, Xining Consumer Association, arrange eight activities to commemorate the 3.15 international consumer rights day". One is to invite legal aid service center lawyer organization association staff in Provincial Radio answers to people concerned about the "consultation and the problems of consumption and safety"; two is a column in the Xining evening news and other media propaganda theme connotation, significance, typical case analysis report complaints, 2011 Annual consumer complaints the majority of consumers, guide consumer safety; three is to carry out in rural areas, to protect farming crackdown activities, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of farmers; four is the major shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers market in the city focus on the special inspection, investigation of illegal behavior; the five is to organize the "build a food safety seminar to expand publicity and create a safe consumption environment, inviting legal experts, scholars, shopping mall, supermarket responsible person, business representatives, representatives of industry and commerce administrative departments, cadres , association staff, consumer representatives, news media to participate in research activities; six is recorded "3.15" news feature films, publicity and consumer rights work; seven is to organize the destruction of counterfeit and shoddy goods; eight is held in Xining in 2012 3.15 International Consumer Rights Day "celebrations and large-scale on-site publicity consulting service.


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