Xining tourism promotion this year the first shot fired into the furnace to cool the city quiet

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"The sun and the Kumbum Monastery Buddha, Duixiu Thangka, suyouhua Sanjue art is wonderful!" Xining cool climate, colorful style, very unique, we have confidence in the promotion of tourism in Xining!" In April 8th, the "great beauty Qinghai, Xining summer tourism promotion promotion meeting, Anhui tourism department, travel agencies and media as a strong interest in Xining tourism.

on the same day, China successfully held in the hinterland of Anhui province Hefei city "beautiful Qinghai, Xining summer tourism promotion activities, marking the 2013 Xining tourism promotion activities in the province was officially launched.

to promote this campaign, to integrate information resources and strength, take the "marketing initiatives go" and "please come in" combination, mainly for the "stove" city tourist market, relying on the "cool, quiet and pure" the unique climate and tourism resources, the difference in the way take the essence of marketing, publicity and image combination, to achieve new breakthroughs in our national tourist market occupancy.

in recent years, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the construction of Xining has become internationally famous plateau landscape garden city and tourist center of tourism destination, the objectives and requirements, relying on the Xining advantage of the cool summer climate and good ecological environment, to create a summer tourism and leisure tourism products, and constantly enhance the visibility and Chinese xiadou "brand influence. The promotion activities, I will organize some scenic spots and tourism enterprises in Wuhan, Guiyang, Chongqing, Changsha, Chengdu, through the development of tourism promotion, tourism exhibition in various forms of propaganda, xiadou Xining rich cultural tourism resources, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in tourism inter city.

in the day held in Hefei city tourism promotion, tourism departments and enterprises around the city, I xiadou Xining unique and rich tourism resources and tourism products xiadou ring to do a special promotion, and presented some scenic spots and tourism products to the local travel agency. Anhui Merchants International Travel Agency and other 50 travel companies and China Daily, Hefei TV, Anhui tourism radio and other media to participate in the promotion of the 6 and related reports. (author: Sheng Nan Gao Qin)


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