Zhejiang express finance 30 million to promote the development of Tourism

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now with the development of society, the social form of entrepreneurship has become diverse, there are some relatively new business model, the Internet travel business is generated in such a new era.

"Master tourism" in East China is the well-known B2B tourism wholesale brand, good at managing outbound and domestic travel around the product integration and tourism resources development, the travel agency has deep channels and nearly 60 express stores in the Zhejiang area, has a higher market share.

"slow travel" is driving the well-known Web site in East China, the main city surrounding scenic spots provide electronic tickets, hotel and holiday service in 2014 400 thousand micro, self driving tour users, is currently the major partners Ctrip OTA and other Internet platform of tourism in East china.

from two brands express tour operators can be seen on the Internet, mobile Internet, the traditional travel agency resources are trying to innovate their business system, in order to keep pace with the trend of tourism in the Internet era. In recent years, behind some emerging regional tourism website, there are more or less in the shadow of the traditional travel agency business.

No matter how innovative

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