Xining cracked a case of illegal sale of rare wild animals

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Reporters from the August 31st Xining City Forestry Bureau learned that the day before, Xining City Forest Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a large illegal acquisition, sale of rare and endangered wild animal case, criminal suspects have been criminal detention. The case is under further investigation.

by the Forest Public Security Bureau of Xining city long-term investigation, to obtain accurate information, in the Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau under the leadership of strong cooperation in Gansu province and Linxia Forest Public Security Bureau, on the early morning of July 28th the suspect Mahathir recorded is captured, and in their homes and rental office seized National protected wild 27 snow leopard, snow leopard animal skin head 3, snow leopard skeleton 2, clouded leopard skin 1, two national protected wild animal fur 1, lynx, lynx 2 skeleton 8, 104 other wild animal skins.

successfully solved the State Forestry Forest Public Security Bureau on the case gave a high evaluation and congratulations, my cordial greetings to all the police. The message pointed out that the case is a case of illegal acquisition, sale of snow leopard skins in recent years one of the larger forest public security organs cracked, destroyed a long time in the northwest region of China to engage in illegal acquisition, sale of wild animal and its products of criminal gangs. The successful detection of the case, fully reflects the excellent quality of forest police and professional dedication. Hope that the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry forward the spirit of continuous fighting, make persistent efforts to dig deep into the crime, for greater success. (author: Su Jianping)


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