How to successfully open the community store

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now many investors are looking at the community’s strong business skills, want to open a community store. However, if the operating properly, can only be empty, and ultimately a waste of time also spent money. So, how can we successfully open a home store? Here, let Xiaobian take you to know how to do fruit sue.

a few years ago, we began to build the Sihong Qingyang County Road Suguo community store, Sihong county population, but many large supermarkets, such as Jin Runfu, Lotte Mart store, Lotte Mart stores two. Some stores and Qingyang Road community store close operation, resulting in the store is very strong potential competitors. To this end, we store is divided into four steps:

first step: purchasing power research. Through questionnaires, to understand the local consumers’ living standards, consumption capacity and demand characteristics.

second step: consumer brand research. Through a shop (Sihong Suguo shop) feedback on our own existing brand is summarized, clarifies the problems, combined with the competitors stores selling brand, to master the local consumer brand preference, the establishment of community store brand positioning.

third step: category portfolio research. Analysis of a store category structure, learn from the main competitors of the category, combined with the community store format standards, developed both in line with the characteristics of local consumption, but also with the characteristics of the category of portfolio.

fourth step: opponent marketing action research. Near the opening track to the main competition all "Chen" goods and operation strategy in marketing, dislocation, substitution, follow up, take on various forms, accurately positioning, and take corresponding measures, and achieved good results.

in order to strengthen personnel "exercises" in sufficient time case, advance the personnel allocation, posts and staff. We unified scheduling, Siyang branch and Sihong branch to strengthen the squad, and the backbone of the transfer, and the regional administrator, training cadres, a retail specialist sharpen elite. Including the arrangement of goods on the goods and cashier speed drills, training and professional skills training skills, etc..

on the other hand, in order to make the category of goods, store opening exercises at the scene display basic in place, make full use of all the time before the opening, arrange staff on-site exercises in Sihong, the local consumer identity "Scene" to find the feeling, really to be a "customer". Through repeated experience, find out each big category, the highlight of each shelf, especially for goods that do not meet the local consumer preferences for the first time to adjust.

community store management department as the responsible departments, from the innovation of new operation point of view to deepen the understanding of instructions and make the operation, refinement scheme, consciousness and puts forward key points: one is to supply organization and Chen.

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