Yi Jinfeng increase entertainment facilities to win more customers

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shop to do business if you do not do any innovation in the current market will be operating in the market? This may be a problem that many shopkeepers consider. Some parties in the market, is under attack, will lead to more and more small, the business is more and more difficult to do. For this reason, many of the shopkeepers are constantly groping for the owner Yi Jinfeng, he chose to increase entertainment facilities.


store has been 10 years, I shop mainly engaged in drinks, snacks, famous smoke. I shop in the Town Station Road, high middle and low alcohol series are, because the rural consumer level so we have to keep each one has its own merits, various grades are prepared, suitable for various grades of consumer demand.

due to tobacco brand and grade I shop are relatively complete, so many consumers are willing to visit my shop, some customers will detour to my shop to the consumer, especially in weddings and funerals, most customers are in my shop to buy alcohol, because my home brand, has a choice, genuine goods at a fair price, plus the unit used for cigarette wine is in my shop, business has been very good.

but in the past two years, the state banned the consumption of three, coupled with the economic downturn, the store also has a huge impact on me, business slowly fades. In the face of a recession, I think: how to change the state of business? Just as I was dazed, a friend let me. Once, I said now is not good to do business more with friends, have to change. Calm friend said to me: "now do what are difficult, diverted than to your line of work done, the change of business ideas."

These few words

friends let me relieved, yes, to so easily? Why do you need to change your strategy?! After all, has so many fixed customer groups, as long as more ways to get more customers into the store, do not worry about no business. So, I put the shop rearrange a room next to the warehouse goods to the shop, the original goods warehouse renovation, the walls painted white and bright, ground tile matte.

and add 3 mahjong table and a small square table (which is convenient for people to play cards or chess), I added these entertainment facilities since, has attracted many customers, because most people now living conditions are well-off level, and are more likely to live, no matter when he will gather together to play mahjong, playing chess, playing cards and so on through a variety of entertainment to live happy. Especially those good family background, economic conditions are relatively good for consumers, and those who have leisure time for retirees, do not play their happy, also willing to consumption, consumption level are higher than the average person.

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