Online shop must consider the seven issues

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mentioned online entrepreneurship, many people’s first reaction is to shop online. Now e-commerce model has been developed very mature, many young people embrace the entrepreneurial dream to provide a platform for the realization of the future. Before choosing to shop online, there are seven questions that you must give priority to.

1- full-time or part-time

2- in the end what to do good

each open shop friends is the first encounter this problem. Take a look at it, a variety of almost sell what are, we can see the different ideas. Because each person has different resources, different interests and preferences have decided to engage in different industries, to seek a solid, reliable supply is a prerequisite for doing a good job shop. For now, from the perspective of consumer psychology, combined with today’s China is not perfect personal credit system, the customer service service shop is most suitable for the sales of some relative value is not too high, consumers need, demand is not high, not easy to go bad, don’t need to try or to try to determine whether the appropriate commodity or uniform some of the specifications comparison standard, through photos and descriptions can be determined to meet the needs of the product.

3- purchase supply

This is a big problem in

early there is a friend or a manufacturer or merchant support, you can get first-hand sources, would not have considered. But what about most of the friends who don’t have this background? Shop early to purchase or directly affiliated scattered a large seller agent, although the price is very high, but less profit to customers, get to know your business product that is ready, that doesn’t sell well. However, this channel is very unstable, when the customer needs, it is difficult to immediately find the impact of customer confidence in the shop.

understand which item selling can be appropriate to a small amount in inventory back, so you can grasp the initiative in their own hands. And in the purchase period with the business or manufacturers to play a good relationship, understand the market.

4- trust problem

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