Three squirrel founder Zhang Liaoyuan entrepreneurial experience

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market is all kinds of the types of snacks, dazzling in the selection of the time, one of the well-known three squirrel in the competition so large industries, three squirrels how deus ex, become the people in the choice of leisure food first choice? Take a look at its founder Zhang Liaoyuan in the creation of three squirrels have what experience.

Three squirrels

"Meng Da

"the owner, the squirrel family summer fruit are given you open fruit machine." The afternoon of July 27th, in the Wuhu District of Yijiang city Anhui three squirrel Agel Ecommerce Ltd, a row of neat sitting in the hall customer service service area, skillfully tapped the keyboard, through the online mall to communicate with customers.

that sounds a bit "disgusting" in the title, it is the first three squirrels founder Zhang Liaoyuan. In Zhang Liaoyuan’s view, the traditional way of selling different nuts, a new generation of consumers with special needs for products and services. "Now is no longer an era of material scarcity, public demand is no longer the pursuit of functional satisfaction, but also need to seek emotional sustenance."


, three squirrels from the brand name to the entire service chain, to create a "Meng Meng Da" atmosphere. When the customer opens the package, not only can see the value of the goods, but also gain additional surprises, such as wipes, shell bag, etc.. These seemingly small things, but allows users to feel the care and care from three squirrels." Zhang Liaoyuan said.

"every CEO should be the product manager, product manager is the first to understand the user, understand consumer packaging, brand name and product quality to meet the new generation groups feel the emotional sustenance." Zhang Liaoyuan said that shopping is actually a very happy thing, customer service in the process of communication with the customer, will be imagined squirrel, dialogue is very happy.

said the three squirrels sell adorable no bottom line, called "master" is very disgusting, this chapter thinks Liaoyuan, shout what appellation is not important, important is the customer can enjoy happiness in the shopping process, like the Taobao customer service first called "pro", first heard is very disgusting, then we gradually became accustomed the. I do not sell the task of customer service, but in the chat, chat users can be cool, not for the purpose of trading goods."

always put the user in the first

consumers can timely feedback product information, but also an important reason for the success of the three squirrels. According to statistics, at present, three squirrels every day will receive more than 20 thousand orders, half of consumers will choose to evaluate products online. Through online evaluation, consumers can put forward different opinions on the product in time, and ultimately promote the continuous improvement of product quality and service.


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