Which projects can be tax free

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many people know, entrepreneurship is not just to do, in addition to the registration, and if the operation would have to pay taxes, but not all projects are to pay the tax, then you know what the venture is not taxed?

so, for this kind of product in the production and development of enterprises, efforts should be made to make the development plan into the trial plan Jane, in order to reduce the tax burden. For ethnic minority areas, the products engaged in the production of national special commodities shall be subject to regular tax reduction and exemption. On the business tax, the business income tax is not imposed on the enterprise’s income from the provision of technical services and services abroad.

from the camp mode, where the implementation of enterprise horizontal economic cooperation, to provide products of income tax are entitled to preferential tax policies for enterprises. Therefore, private enterprises to make use of foreign capital to participate in the operation, thereby reducing the corporate tax burden. From the location of investment, usually in the economic development, economic zone, free trade zone, engaged in the production and operation of enterprises, to enjoy more preferential tax than the tax incentives, in other parts of the country so that the owners of private enterprises in the choice of investment location, should pay attention to the choice of.

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