What are the strategies for opening a grocery store

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people’s life always cannot do without all kinds of things to eat, so open a distinctive food shop is a good choice for business investment, but in the shop before choosing a store is critical, shops in what strategy store? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

food store location strategy

location strategy: traditional food stores should be opened in the vicinity of residential areas. Traditional food stores can not complete the sale of fresh food, so it is necessary to work with other fresh food store to open together, otherwise there is a risk of being squeezed. However, traditional food stores and standard food stores, although there is a substitute but not strong.

the traditional food store choice in the vicinity of the traditional farmers market and market shop is desirable. Because just to make up for its lack of fresh food, but also bring the people, in addition, due to the more developed regions, various types of China’s market, traditional food stores should also avoid opening in the near and the same food business and trading market, too close to traditional food stores do not have the price advantage, but because of the larger the price difference and the loss of attractiveness to consumers.

location strategy two: standard food store on the site in addition to characteristics and traditional food stores close to the residential area and large food towards the city of distance is due. Luxury residential areas can choose to open shop. Because of the high income of fresh food is supermarket, low-income people on fresh food is the price. Should be selected in the larger regional commercial street shop, site selection in the department store shopping center. These areas are the largest, the largest consumer demand.

location strategy three: large integrated food store is the main format in a supermarket, in the traffic conditions and the number of parking and large food stores have higher requirements. Such as parking area requirements and store area is at least 1:1 or can not reach the car into the family brought about by the parking place

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