Underwear market brand effect is more and more obvious

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every woman cannot do without underwear, the underwear can make women more confident and moving, as people’s consumption capacity, the underwear requirements are constantly improve, brand underwear sales of larger, more expensive brand underwear, give us a few industry implications if interested, you can then look down.

one, underwear prices more expensive, indicating that women pay more and more attention to the underwear, underwear requirements are getting higher and higher.

two, underwear prices more and more expensive, more and more broad prospects for the development of enterprises, but also shows that the effect of the brand is more and more obvious, which is also a test of the general business.

reporter saw in the New World Shopping Center store sale area, a discount price of 80 yuan of underwear, number only 75B; another underwear, although the number selection, but the goods look dirty, after many customers, shook his head and walked away. In the brand area, when the season of new products or selling money, mostly no direct discount.

Hanzheng Street veteran underwear dealers, the 38 section coincides with the launch of a new underwear sales season, the new season and the main product will not easily price, otherwise it will affect the sales of the festival. However, at this time businesses have to do promotions to attract customer attention, so over the season, breaking the code and other commodities will become their first choice.

why the lingerie market is more expensive? According to the Hanzheng Street underwear dealers said, the mall brand underwear are high-end products, the original price is higher, every year there are invested in new products, new materials, new technology, so the new products listed, the price will be increased by one grade.

brand underwear prices continue to rise, is not a good news for consumers, the same for sellers is very unfavorable, means that the source of the reduction, another important reason is that the mall lingerie needs to pay access fees, shopping malls some fees, the price to be higher in order to ensure the normal operation.

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