Special understanding of franchising industry for lucrative

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entrepreneurs are looking for a lot of rich good projects, in fact in the franchising industry, its definition is not out of the ordinary, "a", no "Wanli" may, perhaps you don’t understand, believe you will understand the following analysis.

The necessity for product and market

A copy of the

, "the


Yibenwanli, need this "this" can be copied, can be standardized in different places at the same time to copy, is the standard of real-time network of remote monitoring, otherwise, it is difficult to achieve "Wanli". For example, why many years ago in China Western-style food store in vogue, and Chinese food is difficult to even up, lock up, the key lies in its catering technology and services are difficult to replicate cooking techniques avoid leaning to either side, master in the cook’s hands, stored in the cook’s mind, others can not be copied as like as two peas.

"this" can be copied, including a series of procedures and norms, from the storefront location, preparatory, store decoration, category management, goods display, personnel training, service standards, management system, and so on, are in need of standardization, can be copied.

two, the plasticity of the

lucrative "this" also need plasticity, rather than rigid immutable and frozen. In the supermarket industry, as we all know, WAL-MART in every region, even every store, are extremely power institutions, while more than friends, on the contrary, the regional management recommendation

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