The current field of entrepreneurship or the dominant nternet thinking

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can be seen from the latest policy, the development of China’s innovation and entrepreneurship is still in progress, the Internet is still the dominant position of thinking. Let Xiaobian with you to analyze the current status and future development of the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

How the future development trend of

A selection criteria: easy to copy to the innovative

"on the one hand, and the Taiyuan city was determined as the entrepreneurial city." Taiyuan municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau official said, as early as 2009, Taiyuan has been listed as the first batch of human resources and social security to create a national entrepreneurial city list. Subsequently, the Taiyuan municipal government set up by a number of departments to create the entrepreneurial city of Taiyuan leading group, and the introduction of a number of supporting policies.

2015 in June 1st, according to a competitive assessment score, the top 15 in Taiyuan City, for the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology and other departments jointly implement the "Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city" (hereinafter referred to as "double demonstration"). According to the arrangement of three years in Taiyuan City, the "double demonstration" period, the central and provincial and municipal incentives matching funds reached a total size of 2 billion 230 million yuan.

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