Duck sell into nternet cafes to earn a few million very relaxed

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is a duck by a lot of people’s favorite snacks, but now operate such business people, resulting in the industry’s competition is very intense. Therefore, if you want to open a business hot duck shop, also need to take more business strategy. Here, small advice, duck can sell into Internet cafes, money will become a lot easier.

friends opened a duck neck shop, but did not open for 1 months, because there is no considerable flow of people, and then ended in failure, not much money at hand.

one day he suddenly thought, when he opened the duck neck shop, purchase in the wholesale market, but also know a few open duck shop owner, a conversation to know, everyone is not good to do business. He thought, can not find the owner to purchase, sell to Internet cafes to go inside, at the beginning of a little point, with the relationship between acquaintances, sellers can first payment after.

risk is small, the key is to make himself, his errands on the line. We are acquaintances, sold out the goods to pay, the duck shop owner, is also very happy to such a salesman.

so he bought a second-hand electric car, on the Internet to sell duck, duck leg, duck and so on, how to sell, give the boss a portion of profits. The kind of big Internet cafes, Internet cafes sell 20 duck legs, you can earn 40 yuan, to the boss of $10, leaving 30 yuan. Run 10 Internet cafes a day, but also earn $30 thousand. If you work hard, you can earn more.

had the Internet experience know that many people once in the cafe, even eat all that wasted time, let alone go out to buy snacks like duck. So, if you want to open a business selling duck neck shop, you can try to enter the Internet cafe.

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