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for investors, the key to a successful business is to find a promising industry. Entrepreneurship is an attempt to make their dreams come true, an attempt to change their lives, but there are also some risks and opportunities. So what are the potential development of the industry today?.

Entrepreneurship Project: Education

China is still in the ranks of education in less developed countries, the development of a future 50 years of education. At the same time, compared with the huge education market, the teachers are weak. According to a report released recently pointed out that the Ministry of education, national high school and higher education teachers gap of about 1200000 people, according to the development of the "fifteen" plan, high school education to reach 60% of the gross enrollment rate, according to the student teacher ratio of 18:1 estimates, 2005 teachers gap will reach 1 million 160 thousand, and a large number of private and private schools, the teachers are in short supply. At the same time, it is urgent to improve the level of teachers at the present stage, and a large number of highly educated talents will be the most urgently needed talents.

entrepreneurship project two: Construction

With the development of local economy and

on infrastructure investment, the development of the construction industry at the same time, obvious to people, the construction industry demand for talent shouted "thirsty" shout "missing" sound can be heard without end. In Beijing, for example, according to the latest survey of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of personnel, the first 5 years of the new century, does not include the party and government organs, Beijing talent demand among the top fifteen professionals, construction personnel ranked first. Successful Olympic bid to greatly accelerate the construction of Beijing City, the large-scale city construction undoubtedly led to the construction industry and real estate industry’s demand for talent, from 2006 to 2003 will usher in the golden period of the construction of talent demand, this year the demand will be 5 times last year.

entrepreneurship project three: leisure travel

in the chain business, leisure tourism is still quite a new industry, about half of the franchisee is in 1989 after the start of the business. This industry franchise contract term is generally quite long, and some are even without a deadline, indicating that the industry’s stability requirements are higher, but the headquarters of the advertising costs are much lower than other industries. Only 46% of companies need to regularly charge advertising expenses.

entrepreneurship project four: home service


domestic service is a new industry, with the gradual rise of family labor socialization, home cleaning business and family services in modern social life has great potential for development.

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