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‘s a hot market, the competition pressure is very large, compared to men’s market war a little better, so some investors decided to start from the men’s men, because we all know, in addition to youth men every year changes, in fact, mature men is not what a big change, so if we are in daily business, met some people question their goods is vintage time, this time we should better able to explain their clothes are not junk?

find a more appropriate reason to convince customers have been recognized since the vintage, don’t hide. To compliment the customer’s eyesight, and then to find the most appropriate Vintage a convincing reason. For example, things do not lie in the style is novel, the key depends on whether it is suitable for their own. And by the way of obtaining customer approval, finally, once again stressed the advantages of specific products, and actively guide the customer experience.

has the advantages of direct emphasis on goods

in praise of customers after the advantages of direct eyesight, emphasizing vintage, and in a very tone changes in consumption concept perfectly logical and reasonable to tell customers of modern people, let the customer feel you are sincerely standing in his perspective, and finally to promotion to give customers a topic of applied pressure, promote customer’s desire to buy.

strive for customer understanding and support

customers want to be regarded as old customers, large customers. So, the clerk can thanks to the old customers shop tone sincere thanks long-term customer support, always do so, often can more easily obtain the understanding and support of the customers, and then to the customer that now buy these old product advantages, finally guide customer experience goods.

It is important to note that

at a Menswear store or a lot of places, although the market competition is a little better than women, hope to analyze small series can bring hope for everyone, when business men’s brand clothing chain, there are a lot of time there will be some misunderstanding, because we all know that our men’s style not a lot, so I often feel a yard, then the face of this situation, as a clever salesman how we can better solve these problems? Please see above.

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