Xiao Bian to analyze how much money to open a toy store

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a lot of friends are interested in the toy shop, open a toy store is really a good idea. So, how much does it cost to open a toy shop? Before you invest in a shop, you need to know about the cost of investment. Here is to introduce how much money to open a toy shop.

A, small toy store (also known as mini store, 15-30 square meters)

two, the conventional toy store (also known as the standard shop, 30-60 square meters)

rental store is one of the main cost of the toy store, the general non first-tier cities 30 square meters of shops rent should be controlled at 3-4 million or less, if you choose to store larger, the rent increased anyway, because the store has the effect of publicity, benefit is certainly go upwards.

Open toy store renovation costs is the main showcase design, materials used and the overall decoration, if the choice is a showcase wood + paint, the cost will be relatively high, with 30 square meters of shops for example make a suitable showcase need about 20 thousand yuan, if is the choice of shelves, basically the cost can be reduced to 10 thousand yuan, how to choose, depends on the personality of the owner.


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