What are the stages of successful entrepreneurship

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life will always be divided into several distinct stages, although each person’s experience is not the same, but the interpretation of the general stage are similar. So, the road to success is divided into several stages, let us look at it!

The first stage: the survival of stage


to product, technology, channels for the advantage of living space; as long as there are ideas (Ideas), work hard, sales, you can get the appropriate opportunity at this stage. Get ready for work.

second stages: stable stage.

through standardized operations, to establish a stable system, to increase the benefits of institution; the key is to "establish a stable operating system" and "passive cash flow"; let the enterprise is no longer dependent on the entrepreneur’s personal ability and the background of development; it is the height of entrepreneurs need to think from the idea of thinking; while the original business into a successful career, founded enterprises; entrepreneurial team has been formed.

third stages: stage of development.

This is the

fourth stages: mature expansion stage.

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