The fourth Wuhan college students electricity supplier innovation and entrepreneurship competition s

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college students are small entrepreneurs, many people will choose to start from the electricity supplier, which is very easy to carry out the low threshold entrepreneurial projects. Recently, the fourth session of the Wuhan municipal electricity supplier innovation and entrepreneurship competition ended successfully, showing the contemporary college students in the field of electricity supplier entrepreneurship.

yesterday in the final, "the strength of a kind", "million strong", "a heart dream garden" and other aspects of intense, ten strong team to explain entrepreneurial projects, talked about the development planning, pull popularity, presents a wonderful entrepreneurial creative show. After fierce competition, from the China University of Geosciences Department of the winning project. Hey, won the first prize, won 100 thousand yuan start-up gold. At the end of the business to win the future "link, China venture, Tianfeng days Rui investment, venture capital, venture capital, Huahui Chen Xin angel wing and other nine well-known venture capital institutions according to the ten strong team performance, the intention of cards sent on the spot to reach the intention of investment projects, the amount of 39 million yuan investment, the big game atmosphere to a climax.

it is reported that since 2012, Wuhan City College of electronic commerce innovation project contest has been held for four sessions. In four years, the contest were collected for entrepreneurial projects 1595, the total number of teams exceeded 10000 people, influencing college students more than 1 million people, Baidu search keywords included this contest 1 million 910 thousand; more than 260 e-commerce innovative enterprises from the competition out of the first venture, a success rate of 54%, the annual turnover of more than 200 million yuan, to attract college students the employment of more than 4000 people; the emergence of a large number of high-end innovative talents. Among them, 2 people received a special award of excellence Huang City, 2 people into the Hubei province people plan list; there have been 64 projects by the provincial and municipal business funding; more than 10 projects by venture capital institutions favor, to obtain a total of 28 million 500 thousand yuan of funds to support the start-up.

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