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market is how to form, is the formation of the supply of consumer demand, as long as there is demand there will be market. How to do the market saturation, the creation of characteristics to attract consumers, this is a key move, but also the key step. Catering venture capital is also so.

Kung Fu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., founded in 1990, the number of outlets and the scale of development in the country are more, is China’s most influential brand of Chinese fast food. Kung Fu in 1997, independent research and development of computer controlled steam cabinet, the world’s first to overcome Chinese standardization problems, explore a new road of development of Chinese fast food, Chinese food industry has realized the "industrialization" and "no cook" and "thousands of food quality of a long cherished wish. More than and 20 years, Kung Fu created Chinese fast food three standard operation system: logistics production standardization, cooking equipment standardization, restaurant operation standard, in three aspects of quality, service, cleanliness, fully in line with international standards. Since the first restaurant, real Kung Fu has been the main steam products featuring Chinese fast food. With the "standard" on the intensive and meticulous farming from the birthplace of Dongguan, Kung Fu, since 1999, has stationed in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha more than and 30 city, becoming a national chain of the development of Chinese fast food enterprises. So how do you join


how to join real Kung Fu

join conditions:

a, sincere and long-term cooperation, in the region has a certain channel influence.

two, familiar with the fast food market, has a wealth of product resources, in the region has a wealth of channel resources.

three, there are more professional marketing team is responsible for channel development, to maximize the channel to pave the way.

four, to fully tap their own channels and resources to carry out full publicity and promotion.

five, we can strictly implement the policies we have formulated.

join advantage:

advantage one: since 1990, so far, the real effort after the initial period, standardized operation, brand operation, capital operation, to achieve a leap from individual enterprises to modern enterprise groups.

advantage two: in 2011, the real Kung Fu launched a Kung Fu takeaway business, after more than two years of development, Kung Fu business has achieved rapid growth. Currently in the country has covered more than and 330 stores. Kung Fu takeaway phone, because "love, love" homophonic, known by city. "Kung Fu"

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