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house decoration, wall tiles is a part can not be a lack of. And because of the increase in people’s demand, the market is now a lot of brands, thus giving people a choice of trouble. As the name suggests is the wall decoration on the wall materials, suitable for outdoor balcony, kitchen, Restroom. According to the material can also be divided into brick tiles and brick wall brick etc.. How to get value for money, one tile also has certain knowledge. Choose a good brand and price is an important step in understanding the wall tiles, wall tiles selected; ten tiles brand rankings include what brand? Let’s look at the following xiaobian.

wall tiles ten brands list NO.1, Nobel NABEL

Hangzhou Nobel Group Co. Ltd., tile ten brands, began in 1992, China environmental labeling products, China high-grade tile setters, foreign-funded enterprises, Chinese building ceramics manufacturing industry leading enterprises, high-tech enterprises.

wall tiles ten brands list NO.2, Marcopolo

Marco Polo

Guangdong Marco Polo Ceramics Co. Ltd, ceramic tile ten brands, was born in 1996, beautiful group, Guangdong province famous trademark, product series of all ceramic brands, domestic large scale architectural ceramics manufacturing vendors, enjoys the reputation of supreme archaized tile.

wall tiles ten brands list NO.3, GUANZHU


Guangdong newpearl Ceramics Group Co. Ltd., Guanzhu GUANZHU ceramic, ten brands of ceramic industry, the competitiveness of the brand, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, Guangdong famous high-tech enterprises, specializing in the production of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware.

wall tiles ten brands list NO.4, general MARSHAL

Gaoyao City, general Ceramics Co. Ltd., general, porcelain ten brands, the construction of urban green building materials qualified suppliers, Zhaoqing Ceramic Industry Association executive director units, R & D, production, sales and service as one of the modern large-scale ceramic enterprise.

wall tiles ten brands list, NO.5 Eastroc tile

Guangdong Dongpeng ceramic Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1972, Guangdong province famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, Chinese building ceramics industry landmark brand, industry standard drafting unit, large tile / bathroom products manufacturer, Bohuazhuan / glazed tiles and other ceramic products have the advantage of system.

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