Let Chongqing Tongnan entrepreneurial people go out of poverty to get rich

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some people start a business is to be able to get rich, to meet the pursuit of career, and there are a lot of Chinese people in order to get rid of poverty and had to choose entrepreneurship. Chongqing area of Tongnan province to promote the development of poor households to find a way out, to achieve the overall goal of poverty.

"one, two, three……"

15, 8, Tongnan District in Bai Zi Zhen Du Cun, pig farm village Party Secretary Zhong Ming in 550 pigs are having breakfast.

In the 13

in the family farms in Zhong Ming, Xia Hongguo is not only a hired breeder. Every day he took care of the 550 pigs, 3 pigs is the owner of his own.

in pig farm work


"No. 1 circles have a fever, cold medicine analgin injection to three; head No. 2 ring, with breath breath, to injection in the treatment of pneumonia were admitted……"

9, from the pen out, Xia Hongguo went straight into the pharmacy, in more than 10 kinds of box select he needed "Analginum, florfenicol test".

skillfully break the bottle, the needle into the bottle, watching a little bit into the liquid drug injection tube, Xia Hongguo look very devoted.

67 years old, he and the crop for a lifetime to deal with, do now, whether it is difficult, or technical content is the highest.

"change into other people, this work also do not fall." Xia Hongguo quite proud, in the whole village, his education level is high, read junior high school. The kit of word recognition, this is the key to becoming a veterinarian.

from the pot scoop a bowl of sweet potato dilute recommended

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