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although the real college entrance examination that the days have ended, however, it can cause far more than that a few days. Next, will a few happy tears phenomenon constantly reproduce, while the entrance opportunities not only appear in nature that a few days. In short, the college entrance examination is a battle, but also a wealth of reunion. As long as we are good at digging, college entrance examination for operators to earn unlimited wealth. So, what are the opportunities behind the entrance?

we heard that the college entrance examination nanny earned 20 thousand of the monthly news? Is not very shocked, in fact, the entrance to the students with hope, but also to the outside world to bring some business opportunities.

below to introduce some of the college entrance examination business opportunities:

, a college entrance examination of the housing

Near the hotel entrance

many college entrance test these days are beginning to rise, to provide room for the college entrance examination far candidates, many parents have reservations, the college entrance examination in order to save time on the road, many parents are willing to pay a high price to choose some auspicious room room number.

hotel will provide room for part-time, for home far at noon to return home the rest of candidates, business is very good, generally have to book in advance.

two, the entrance of car

some parents are afraid to live near the hotel the candidates will not be used, and some sites and is far away, some are not familiar with the road test sites or no car, parents will advance to find a good car.

Many taxi drivers are

and seize this opportunity to provide specialized entrance car service, shuttle candidates to the entrance.

three, the college entrance examination of


some restaurants near the test sites will provide a special test package, some meat collocation is reasonable, and nutritious meal, plus some auspicious name, such as the college entrance exam packages such as business in general, are particularly good.

even take out a few months ahead of the candidates to provide nutrition for the candidates, with a reasonable college entrance takeaway, business is particularly good, even if the price is not cheap, parents are willing to pay.

four, the college entrance examination psychological counseling

candidates are facing great pressure, many counselors and professional organizations will provide specific candidates candidates psychological counseling.


schools also have psychological counseling for your teacher candidates exam, but after too many people, it is difficult in a particular student who spend too much time, so many parents buy several months in advance of professional psychological.

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