Chinese restaurant in the end how to meet the arrival of the off season

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to do business there is one point to note is that not every day business is very hot, there is always some time when business is deserted, for entrepreneurs, the off-season has been unable to avoid the problem, but also makes a lot of entrepreneurs problem. But if you find the right way, so that you are the season of the year. Today, Chinese restaurant, for example, to talk about how to meet the arrival of the off-season.

a, marketing is not equal to the promotion of

this seems to be a very shallow and very naive question, but in the restaurant operators, there is still a non conscious often committed such a low-level error. They are often too busy in the ticket business is good, business is bad when only about marketing.

restaurant is a marketing work throughout the enterprise always continuous operation, and will not be a breakpoint, whether you admit it or not, then do not accept, marketing is always accompanied by your business there, just from our point of view there are active and passive marketing marketing points, from the results look at the success of the marketing and marketing failure of the other. Therefore, the marketing work did not nap, regardless of the season or the off-season.

two, do a good job in season and off-season marketing transformation


in the Spring Festival season every day looking at the customer full year after may be pleased with oneself, you can sing a kongchengji every day. Due to China tradition, a Spring Festival approaching, the whole society consumption has an eruption market in the short term, large and small restaurants are almost always full, but it’s hard to say is because of your marketing work very well. The real test of the effectiveness of marketing, but also in the off-season is not plummeted, the year is not sustainable and stable operation, the customer is not to enjoy higher satisfaction and reputation in the peer companies is leading.

successful restaurant marketing objectives are very clear, the strategy is very clear, and are carried out in accordance with the plan step by step. One thing is very critical, that is how to do the season and off-season marketing strategy conversion.

season to take advantage of off-season take potential, which should be the core idea of the restaurant marketing. Take advantage of, is to win the biggest sales, to maximize revenue; take the potential, is to get the high ground for valuable things, including business sentiment, customer reputation, brand awareness, etc., so as to establish a long-term strategic advantage. The relationship between the "potential" and "benefit" are not separate, no off-season "potential" as the foundation, it is difficult to get the season "benefit"; and no season "benefit", can not support the restaurant in the off-season to obtain needed "potential". Often the marketing season is doing a good job of the restaurant, can also recommend to the season without a profit into too much marketing costs

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