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life cannot do without a lot of things, want to buy some daily necessities, supermarkets are generally available in the big city, entrepreneurial opportunities, but the competition pressure is also large, rich in the big city business, you can choose to open a supermarket in the community, now a large community more and more, but it because, when consumers do not want to move, only shopping in the community, to open a supermarket in the community which so profit is very considerable, then we take a look at the issues summarized to open a supermarket in the community should pay attention to!

in general, as a representative of traditional traditional small business, the business area of only one hundred to five hundred square meters; while the standard supermarket as the basic needs of life to meet the main format type, operating in the area of five hundred to one thousand and five hundred square meters; the large-scale comprehensive supermarket business area is two thousand and five hundred to five thousand square meters; super large comprehensive supermarket business area is six thousand to ten thousand square meters and above; warehouse stores as the main form of wholesale type, the general use of tall rack, business area of over ten thousand square meters; the convenience store is the main format for convenience shopping and services, business area of sixty square meters to two hundred. No matter what type of supermarket you drive, there are some common points:

site survey to be thorough and scientific. The supermarket site should pay attention to important points, grasp the city business conditions, including community types, community facilities, traffic conditions, city planning, consumer, commercial property and other factors.

community types: look at the topography, climate, climate and other natural conditions, and investigation of administrative and economic, historical and cultural and other social conditions, in order to determine the center of the community or remote communities? Is it a white collar community or a new civilian community?

community facilities: schools, hospitals, parks, tourist facilities, government agencies and other public facilities can play a role in attracting consumers. Therefore, it is very important to understand the type, number, size and distribution of community facilities.

traffic conditions: This is the most direct impact on the location of the supermarket store location, such as urban areas to suburban traffic conditions, traffic conditions between the real estate, etc.. Therefore, for warehouse supermarkets, scope of business is relatively large, generally located in urban and rural areas, away from the urban area, the best public transport parking more supermarket nearby, so you can attract customers to long-distance shopping.

community planning: such as street development plan, road widening project, high-speed highway construction plans, will have a huge impact on the future business environment, should be timely capture, accurately grasp the dynamic development. Only by understanding the city planning, to the location of the supermarket stores are expected to meet the requirements of the planning, the change of the situation and shop around, so that the shop after the number of values within the scope of the customer and other information to estimate the reasonable recommendation

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