How to open a snack bar

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snacks to join the shop is the most popular food and beverage industry investment projects, the prospects are very impressive, there is always a steady stream of business; this is why there are so many entrepreneurs choose to join the cause of snacks. Today business mentor for you to analyze the whole process of joining the shop.

said the current market hot and hot food and beverage industry, snacks joined the shop became the preferred investment direction of many small and medium investors. An endless stream of market demand brought about by the broad market space for development, coupled with the advantages of small investment, low risk, fast return, is why there are so many entrepreneurs choose to join the cause of snacks. Today let’s look at how to open a special snack bar.

first, investment shop limitations. With 5 million investment projects are limited, with a snack shop, snack franchisee can afford the rent is 80 square metre rent 3000 yuan. The best choice by downtown near farmers market place. The rent is best to pay a month or three months to pay!

two, snacks to join the decoration and facilities. The store wall white, the ceiling, installed lights installed exhaust, 80 square at least 5000 yuan 3000 yuan; ground ceramic decoration. Kitchen decoration and facilities 4000 yuan, 15 sets of table and chair for 6000 yuan, two sets of air-conditioning 6000 yuan, 2000 yuan for the purchase of tableware. Although the investment is not too much, but the opening of the snack bar to reflect the elegant, people’s appetite and the environment often have some relevance.

three, operating characteristics. The biggest feature of snacks, is to do some people do not do well, but the profits are quite high food. If it is not a snack bar, the investment of 50 thousand, at least to do the boss is a food expert, can make a variety of food for local habits, and then standardize the production process.

four, the use of snack shop employees. Please two employees, a collection, a collection of tables and washing dishes, three operations in the kitchen window, a pie delivery. When the payee is a boss or a person when it comes to the issue of discount management.

five, snack shop marketing strategy. 1, in order to save costs, you can print a small business card advertising distribution in the vicinity of the district or store or market. 2, a month before the opening of the distribution of 20 percent off coupons. 3, draw discount.

six, snacks join shop. This kind of snack shops, early in the evening and supper basically can camp on target turnover for 3000-5000 yuan. Gross profit of 1800 yuan, excluding staff wages plus fees 14*60

snack bar open market space is a good choice for entrepreneurship, how to open a profitable snack franchise, I believe that through the above introduction, but also have a certain understanding of the. A special snack recommended

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