Lanzhou college students start 200 thousand

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now, more and more college students choose to start, today, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce this entrepreneurial college students can not be general. He is a college students’ entrepreneurial knowledge youth benchmarking, knowledge, ideas, ability and activity are all helping in the broad fields to realize their ideal of life, become the leader of the rural poverty.

upon graduation, he went to a nearby village to buy chicken farms, see people scattered chicken is very good, but also good economic benefits. After graduation he started to return to action, he first went to the people there to learn at the same time to buy chicken, chicken, and books on the Internet and foreign exchange to pay attention to.

"a chance, I came into contact with aquaculture." Li Hailong said, with a passion for home he decided to return home to engage in aquaculture.

at that time the family economic situation is not too good, father gave a few thousand dollars, Li Hailong from the Internet to buy 1000 chickens tested breeding, delving into the love he slowly mastered farming techniques, and more than the nearby farmers. However, with the expansion of the scale of farming conditions, to further development encountered difficulties, funding constraints his pace.

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