Dayu County Jiangxi province to build three platforms to promote employment and Entrepreneurship

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management activities set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship training and business platform construction upsurge, aims to give entrepreneurs helping achieve entrepreneurial career. Jiangxi to promote entrepreneurship and employment, the construction of the three platforms to promote entrepreneurship to promote employment smoothly.

established business platform with employment. On the basis of the construction of returning migrant workers’ entrepreneurial park, we should vigorously build up the business incubation base and encourage enterprises to enter the venture park. At the same time strengthen the intensity of micro credit loans, the formation of entrepreneurship training + microfinance linkage mechanism. From participating in the training, selection, project business guidance to achieve one-stop full service to provide loans to support the implementation of tax relief, Follow-Up Services and other sectors, and truly support a successful one, help a lead a group, to promote all kinds of entrepreneurs.

2015 is about to go, entrepreneurship driven employment will also begin a new journey in 2016. With the further increase in the level of public service of entrepreneurship and employment, I believe that the success rate of our country will continue to improve, and promote economic development.

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