Analysis of future development of food map

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in recent years, the taxi drops, Ali, Jingdong and other Internet business success can be seen, any business wants to be a good product positioning, for example, is now the most popular catering industry and garment industry, are for the 80 and 90 to the product located on why? Because 80 and 90 is now the main force of consumption, for this group of people is the most reliable things like. The food and food map of this project has been the purpose of development for this purpose.

from the products in terms of delicacy management is the initial map Hot pot, but later found the headquarters, Hot pot only young people a part of love, and can not meet the dietary needs of all young people, so in the later, delicacy has continued to launch map features barbecue, foreign cuisine, Western desserts such delicacy, in addition the map has a delicacy, music bar, so that the delicacy map can meet the full range of 80, 90 after the consumer demand.

from the management mode of speaking, now the most popular is the self consumption mode, the way of a business map is actually the delicacy, in this way, young people can choose their love in store delicacy, multiple consumer in the store, this special consumption mode brings high popular delicacy map of the catering project.

speaking from the price positioning, food and beverage map this project has done very well. Delicacy map do not pay attention to the high price, many of my friends think that such a delicacy do many catering business consumption level is high, but the fact is not the case, pay attention to civilian consumption delicacy map, in here to eat a meal, only need to spend 20 dollars on the line.

from the above 3 points we can see, whether it is in the positioning of the product consumer groups, or in the mode of operation, or in the consumer price positioning, firmly grasp the delicacy map are 80, 90 after the two consumer groups, so it is definitely a classic restaurant to cater to the market project. The future development trend of delicacy map can not be underestimated.

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