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ravioli to join the project, you can see the island along the day how chaos. First try to understand the basic information of the day to join it chaos island! What day Island conditions have joined Shun chaos? How to join?

Island Shun joining conditions: chaos

1, must agree with the corporate culture, make sure the day Qindao brand and business management mode of wonton.

2, franchisee must be healthy, love the food industry, can get family support.

3, must have dedication, perseverance, the island Shun wonton as your career to do.

4, franchisee must be honest, have a legal identity, good moral integrity and credit.

5, must have good social resources and interpersonal relationships, good management skills, have a certain sense of risk investment.

6, the franchisee must be able to maintain the island Shun wonton brand image, brand effect will not be allowed to harm the interests of consumers.

7, what are the conditions for joining? Must have clear property rights and a suitable location, not less than 30 square above the use area of a year of lease shops for chain stores.

Island Day chaos joining process:

1, visit Qindao Shun China wonton headquarters and office and workshop, also can by telephone, mobile phone SMS, Email or online consult way intention to consult, be sure to carefully browse Island Shun Shun wonton wonton website and Qindao manual.

2, joined the business to determine the intention to invest in entrepreneurship, entered the intention to negotiate stage.

3, after detailed discussions, to shun wonton franchise headquarters signed ‘intention to join "book", Shun day vigorously assist headquarters in Qindao wonton, into the store location stage, including environmental assessment, evaluation, assessment of three District stores.

4, location after then signed the "purchase contract", the island Shun wonton franchisees need to pay a certain amount of deposit, and to apply for a business license, Qindao Shuntian headquarters provide with wonton store scale equipment planning.

5, enter the store decoration stage, according to Qindao Shun wonton to join unity style of decoration, decoration works to store the overall visual image.

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