ntimate bar to create a safe store

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customers often have to take the kids to the store shopping, people will pay attention to very much in the corners of the position, but the child is different, so the child stuttering things happen. So, if you want to create a safe store, want to get more customer recognition, but also need to create a safe environment for children.

In addition to the characteristics of the supply of goods in addition to the

tobacco shop, the store environment requirements are also high, which requires retail customers spend their minds design and planning. Hubei province Jingzhou city Jingzhou district south of the big market cigarette and liquor vendor boss Han Ling Meng is a thoughtful shopkeeper.

walked into her house, the most eye-catching is the cigarette counter on the edge of the red bar, thick and soft, even if there are children playing in the store are very safe. It is said that there is a small story, there is a kindergarten near her home shop, often old customers to help her pick up the child. She was particularly fond of children, coupled with their children in the kindergarten, they took up the task. But back to the store after problems ensued, children love climbing, although she carefully, sometimes busy business, little attention will have children knock on the counter. Han Ling was particularly distressed, but could not find a solution.

Foam rubber need to craft class in

happened to her daughter, she looked at the pile of soft foam, began wondering can counter change clothes, let the children play safely. She made a method of anti-collision out in the online printing, counter measure size, taped on the counter. The counter will be both beautiful and warm, they also solve the traffic accident risk children.

Although Han Ling said that the reason why the

shop will have a crash bar is completely on the basis of a bubble, however, such a store environment will undoubtedly make more parents feel at ease. So, if you are the owner of a shop, you are to store corners and trouble, may also use some bar.

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