Food and beverage have strong method five elements let you easily shop

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catering enterprises bigger and stronger, or bigger and stronger edge, is a wise choice for food and beverage business development path, but also the only way. To become bigger and stronger, we must implement the strategy of sustainable development in the following five areas:

A is the use of capital market resources to become bigger and stronger.

Planning and implementation of

to unified quality standard, reduce procurement costs and reduce the processing cost of labor, Yangzhou catering enterprises should attach great importance to the establishment of centralized procurement institutions and central kitchen. At present, there are many problems in the centralized procurement and processing: the first is the choice of quality supply base problem of interference caused by the too big; second is the lack of food raw materials purchase inspection records of strict quality and safety; third is the procurement process and specifications have dishes self contradiction, often appear a lot of variety of procurement, each batch a small number of phenomena. These enterprises need to seriously study and solve.

five is a cross area business and expand overseas markets.

The inevitable trend of

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