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a water story, influenced many people, we do things like in the water, and to have Everfount water, alone pick is difficult to achieve, wells is the hard truth. Life is long, you are more willing to do this the people, or digging people? Let’s see a story.

when he is found a mountain temple, but found that Tai Chi is a monk in front of the temple, nothing like a sick man. He asked in surprise: "one, you do not have a month of carrying water down the mountain, why didn’t you carry water and water to drink?" A smile took him to the temple of the backyard, pointing to a well said: "this is five years, every day I choose water, finish the homework after, will use the spare time to dig a well, even though sometimes very busy, will dig what. Now I have dug wells, wells Everfount out, from now on I no longer have to water down the! I can save a lot of time to do the things I like to do, such as practicing my favorite Taijiquan, haha!"


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