Fujian property company 230 was named Fuzhou on the black list of 92

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in the urban life, the general housing construction is a small high-rise, so a part of the stairs is also indispensable, but for the safety of the stairs while we are extremely concerned, but most of the time is just holding others in their own can also use the mentality. Reporters yesterday from the Fujian provincial quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, 2016 5 – June report of an elevator inspection results, the province has 230 property company named Fuzhou the most, a total of 92 "black list", a total lift of which 54 property company service area and the unit’s qualified rate is 0.

"annual inspection pass rate" refers to the annual inspection of the first pass on the ratio. Fujian special equipment inspection professionals, annual inspection does not mean that can not be taken, such as elevator safety problems, will be required to immediately disable.

quality supervision department goalkeeper rectification opinions

Fujian Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision official website released in 2016 5 – in June, a year after the elevator inspection pass rate of less than 70% of the list of property services companies show that the province has a total of 230 property service companies were named.

professionals, "an elevator inspection pass rate", is based on the usual half elevator maintenance, maintenance, maintenance of the first quarter, the first annual inspection by the inspection and acceptance ratio, equivalent to the annual "lift test". If not passed, the quality supervision departments will rectification, after rectification after the inspection, to review qualified.

reporter found that in these 230 companies were named property, Fuzhou up to a total of 92 on the "black list"; Quanzhou times, a total of 47; Xiamen, there are 21. Among them, Fuzhou was named 92 property companies, there are a total of 54 property companies once the elevator inspection pass rate of 0, the failure rate of the province’s first. In Quanzhou and Xiamen were named property companies, elevator inspection pass rate of 0 for the year were 20 and 13.

from the analysis of unqualified project statistics, without the elevator safety management personnel, not to establish a safety management system, formulate emergency rescue plans and regular exercise, daily inspection records and the fault records, inspection record does not meet the requirements, has not signed the maintenance contract with the management of many problems still.

publicity unqualified list aims to urge rectification

Fujian provincial special equipment inspection professionals, elevator inspection strictly divided into 9 categories, more than and 100 small, 1 small as long as the project failed, the elevator is not qualified. In addition, the inspection of the project is roughly divided into hardware and software. Zero lift the recommended hardware

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