Hot entrepreneurial projects allow you to earn thousands of dollars

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now, has entered the cold winter, taking advantage of the winter we should not act to start it? Looking for investment projects in the winter, which is the most suitable one? Below these, let you earn thousands of dollars!

China printing plant more than 270 thousand, the traditional way of cleaning color printing machine is the use of gasoline, kerosene, etc.. The national monthly cleaning machine uses more than 100 thousand tons of gasoline. Because gasoline contains heavy metals and lead and other harmful substances, it is easy to cause the ink stick skin aging, cleaning efficiency is low, pollution to the environment. The product can solve the above problems, is to replace gasoline, kerosene cleaning printing ink ideal product.

when making slides, are currently using red laser pen as a tool, but its range is close, the clarity is not enough, the effect is not ideal. The products used within the green laser generating device, which overcomes the above disadvantages, have good alternative, and high power products has been astronomy enthusiasts, to observe and explain the tool. Work with seven batteries, the service life of more than 5000 hours.

the product for the appearance of pink ball, can capture and absorb harmful gas molecules in the air, and through the chemical reaction of harmful gas molecules into non-toxic, odorless reaction products, at the same time public pink spherical particles into brown, degree the color change and eliminate the harmful gas is proportional to the amount of.

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