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grew up slowly found those inspirational stories we previously believed, spiritual food is a lie, so young at the age of more than and 20, we have lost the pursuit of better things, because of your efforts may still not after what but Xiaobian think people are living in the most optimistic to face their own life, no matter what the result is, you must have the courage to step forward. I think this is very important for the food and beverage entrepreneurs, you may be struggling to run your hands, but in the end, or because of the details of the neglect of a drop of what is not the end. It doesn’t matter, people live is not a walk, look at the world, but you look at the world, you always have to leave traces. Do a personality of entrepreneurs, a brave entrepreneur, why ask what return, because you are not what.

want to succeed, need our efforts, efforts may not succeed, but not hard will not succeed. Yes good duck dry pot duck is the famous brand dry pot industry, quality products and thoughtful service won the hearts of consumers, the market is an excellent reputation, therefore, many investors want to join them. Then open a good dry pot duck duck a good jiamengfei need? Believe it is buddies of particular concern to it, the following take a look at it!

yes good duck dry pot duck duck the materials exquisite, high-quality water duck, stewed process also need skills and. Yes good duck duck sauce dry pot, spicy, spicy, spicy and high metamorphosis spicy. Eat is also the most common is the It differs from man to man., take the duck meat from the angle of the jaw, the thick meat and fresh, cook on the tongue of Kung Fu, rich delicious echoed in the lips, duck on a thin slice of shredded meat, is rich sauce dip, ruddy color, whiff. Leave the bone, soft waxy, spicy and delicious in the teeth at a glance.

yes good duck to need how many money? A good good dry pot duck duck jiamengfei:

opened a 200 square meters in the three line of the city a good good duck dry pot duck, need the cost of rent is 10 thousand yuan / month, the cost of renovation is 800 yuan / square meters, the equipment cost is 200 thousand yuan, the raw material is 40 thousand yuan, the advertising fee is 20 thousand yuan, the opening fee is 30 thousand yuan, staff wages (quarter) is 3000 yuan / month / person (15), the flow of funds is 20 thousand yuan, the total investment is 645 thousand yuan. Of course, there are other joining mode, we can according to their own economic situation to join.


above is Xiaobian to introduce open a good dry pot duck duck a good initial fee how much relevant content, we should have a more detailed understanding. Of course, entrepreneurship should choose a promising, the market competitiveness of the brand, is undoubtedly good acridine good dry pot duck duck is one such project.

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