What procedures do you need to open a fast food restaurant

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now more and more entrepreneurs fancy fast food industry contains huge business opportunities and space profits, making the food and beverage industry has become a hot spot for investment. But for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to open a fast food restaurant? What is the procedure to open a fast food restaurant? Let us take a look at what procedures need to open a fast food restaurant?

fast food restaurant individual industrial and commercial households open registration procedures

individual industrial and commercial households registration procedures are divided into application, examination, approval, according to the 4 steps.

Application of

1. for fast food shop

in accordance with the regulations, individual industrial and commercial households (including individual partnership) to apply for registration of business registration shall submit the following documents:

(1) application form.

(2) applicants and employees ID card and occupation status certificate.

(3) individual partnership partner on the amounts of capital contribution, the distribution of earnings, debt, admission and withdrawal and termination of a written partnership agreement.

(4) a written contract signed with the helper and apprentice.

(5) operating site use certificate. (own room to provide proof of property rights, non proprietary housing units to provide proof of the property and the lease agreement)

(6) is engaged in the personal health, life safety and other industries apprentices, Helper Insurance certificate.

(7) countries have special provisions of the permit or the relevant departments of the examination and approval documents.

(8) family planning certificate.

Other documents as required by the

(9) registration authority.

2. fast food shop procedures: review

After the documents submitted by the applicant for the

are complete, the registration authority shall examine the relevant certificates and complete the formalities, and issue a registration form for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households to be opened by the applicant. The procedures are not complete, notify the applicant to submit.

3. fast food shop procedures:

the registration authority after receiving the application, investigation and verification of its employees, brand name, site of registration, fill out the "investigation report" opened on the acceptance date of 15 working days to approve or not to approve the registration decision. Failing to meet the conditions of registration, notify the applicant in writing.

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