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well-known IT industry blog Keso in mid February this year went to South africa. Half a month later, he was on his blog to "map South Africa", posted a 12 article illustrated posts. The article quickly attracted a large number of users click. In his blog at NetEase, 12 log the highest reading amounted to 20 thousand people, he is not in the DoNews, Twitter as well as its season hits the blog. It is said that 17000 people subscribe to his blog.

fluent Chinese South Africans Jeremy Goldkorn (Jin Yumi) apparently satisfied with this group of data. This has lived in Beijing for 14 years of "fake foreigner" has a "unit" of the English blog website, China introduced the story to the world every day. When the South African embassy hopes to promote tourism in China, he pushed the keso to the ambassador in front, so the achievements of this seemingly casual blog marketing.

traditional media influence is weakening, the influence of the well-known blog can not be underestimated." A, I recommend them to marketing a new the most appropriate way, finally thought of celebrity blog. Before Keso, the entertainment "the blogger" Xu Jinglei in South Africa Tourism Bureau under the arrangement of the tour, the public followed the publication of "the book" English Laoxu! South Africa topped the bestseller list not.


time in the Internet industry mix is not short, recently more and more people began to find his consultation network marketing business. This is the portrayal of the current online advertising market. Look through the Internet marketing is a known real truth, but these companies use the Internet marketing and how is it? Digital marketing have formed a complete industry code of


SNS advertising development

recent internet creative marketing classic case, the most worthy of a pen also said the number of VISA company recently in the traditional media played an interesting and impressive advertisement: a group of people and strange dance in different places repeatedly waving merrily.

this idea is a guy called Matt from the internet.

Matt is an engineer in a IT company in California. He likes to dance a dance of his own when he walks. He went to a place to travel, in front of the local characteristics of the building or landmarks to dance, and use the phone to shoot the video, after the final soundtrack clip on the Youtube.

in real life, this behavior seems crazy, but on the Internet Matt has been a hot pursuit. Soon an American chewing gum company sponsored Matt. What they do is very simple, that is, to pay Matt travel tickets around, and Matt to do is only in the end of the film to make a thank Logo. Finally, this idea was adopted by VISA company, became the people see on TV advertising.

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