Enterprises to participate in several major advantages of exhibition inventory

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is now an exhibition of the times, in many places will host a series of exhibition activities, at the same time, social enterprises in the process of participating in the exhibition will reap a lot of benefits, we have to look at what?

1, low-cost contact with the customer company and access to qualified customers, participate in the exhibition is the most effective way. According to a study by the Exhibit Surveys Inc, the average cost per visitor at the fair was $177, and the average cost of a customer contact by a sales call was $295.

2, less workload, high quality at the fair after exposure to qualified customers, subsequent work less. According to a survey by Exhibit Surveys Inc, the average customer only needs to make 0.8 calls to the other party when they come into contact with a qualified customer. In contrast, the usual way of selling the business needs 3.7 calls to complete. According to another study by the Mike Hill research foundation, 54% of the orders for the customer to visit the fair are not required to be followed up.

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3 and potential customers of Exhibit Surveys Inc, with an average access exhibitors booth volume as the base, only 12% of people in the month received the company’s sales staff call 12 before the exhibition; 88% new potential customers, but also bring fair high-level visitors for exhibitors. For the company’s products and services, 49% of the visitors are planning to buy those products and services.

4, competitive advantage, the exhibition provides opportunities for peer competitors to display their own. The competitive ability of the participating companies can be improved through the training of the booth staff, the positive development of the exhibition and the promotion of the exhibition, the attractive booth design as well as the strict booth follow-up. Moreover, visitors to the exhibition will take advantage of this opportunity to compare the exhibitors. Therefore, this is an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the excellent features of products.

5, save time, in the time of the exhibition, the potential customers to contact the exhibitors than the sales staff in three months to reach the number of people. Face to face with potential customers is a quick way to build customer relationships.

6, customer relationship, customer relationship is a hot topic for many companies, the exhibition is a good place to contact existing customers. Exhibitors can express their gratitude to customers in the following ways: warm hospitality, one on one dinner, special services, etc..

7, hand to teach customers trial products, sales staff to carry the product on the road for the opportunity to demonstrate probably not much. The exhibition is a good place for exhibitors to test products for potential customers.

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8, competition, exhibition is recommended

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