Jewelry store management should pay attention to what errors

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in the market, we should pay attention to a lot of mistakes, if you do not pay attention, you may be caught in a career crisis. Investment jewelry shop, we have to understand the jewelry market operating errors, to achieve a comprehensive understanding, it will bring you better prospects for development. So, jewelry store management should pay attention to what errors?

jewelry store opened a misunderstanding, the supply can not keep up with

if the customer went in to see the store shelves are empty, the feeling is not good, consumers will think that businesses in the clearance, in the purchase of above may not guarantee the customer service, the main reason is that the supplier (franchisees) did not fulfill the original promise before joining, in order to recover the investment, and stop replenishment. Many businesses are looking for a solution to this problem, investors must pay attention to the early stage of the problem to be faced, businesses to communicate specific issues.

jewelry store operating errors two, promotional products are not enough

some of the items are not used to make money, is used to guide customers, as long as the flow of people, not afraid of the money, maybe this time without spending a lot of customers, but the next time it is not the same, so that the shop was part of goods used to earn popularity, another part is used to make money. Usually with 10 yuan of the following products to do sales, a large amount of product price in the 20-30 yuan, and then a little more expensive.

open jewelry store business errors three, FMCG less than

many jewelry stores look past a lot of goods, but a careful analysis, many of them are slow consumer goods, this is actually a misunderstanding, slow consumption rapid consumption of jewelry jewelry occupy the position, this is also a kind of recessive shortage.

a lot of times, we can not avoid business mistakes, but we can advance understanding, do a comprehensive protection, so that the loss of the lowest state. Operating jewelry store, you can learn a lot of misconceptions of operation, be aware of. Hope that we take this issue seriously, careful management, careful management, it will allow you to achieve great success.

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