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water is related to the survival of mankind, for the protection of water resources, is a matter of urgency. But a lot of places, only the rapid development of the economy, while ignoring the water resources, to create serious water pollution hands. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of the province’s 5-6 month hundreds of water quality monitoring shows that 67 counties (cities, districts) surface water quality ranked in the bottom 10 are: Fuqing, Shishi, Jinjiang City, Nanping Lianjiang County, Yanping District, Quanzhou Quangang District, Xinluo District, Longyan, Wuping County, Changtai County Zhangpu county. Fuqing scored the lowest, ranked last, the worst water quality.

what drag the water quality hind legs? Environmental experts, livestock pollution is the culprit.

it is understood that the waste water produced by a pig is equivalent to the sewage generated by 7 people. Serious pollution of livestock and poultry in some areas of our province, there are still a large number of small and scattered farmers, a large number of aquaculture wastewater almost untreated into the river, resulting in water quality COD, ammonia exceeded. As the main pollution source in Fuqing City, Yanping District and Xinluo District, Wuping County and other places is livestock pollution. "6 Fuqing Jing Jing River monitoring section of Jiangqiao since 2015, are inferior class water." Environmental experts say.

affect the water quality of another important reason is that the area around the basin of sewage, garbage collection and disposal rate is low, vertical sewage water, garbage dumping, such as Quangang, Zhangpu County, Changtai county and other places by garbage, sewage, black smelly water.

compared to the previous assessment, and now the water quality assessment mechanism more stringent, more accurate, more comprehensive." According to experts, in February the provincial government issued the "surface water quality assessment methods (Trial)" assessment, covering the province of all counties (cities, districts) at the junction section of the basin, change the past only assessment of water environment function category approach, categories and indicators comprehensive assessment of water quality status changes. "In the past, as long as the water quality to achieve the functional requirements of the water environment, type II quality water and class III water assessment results are not different. The new approach is clear, according to the classification of water quality, water quality, the higher the score."

According to

, the new assessment approach is conducive to the formation of the upper and lower reaches of the river basin together to enhance the quality of water environment. River Basin water quality good areas, due to improve the assessment objectives, to keep score of quality of water; in the downstream areas of poor water quality, water quality is generally due to class III following a low score, so can only continue to reduce the concentration of pollutants and improve water quality category for high score.

"basin water quality can only get better, not bad." The provincial Environmental Protection Bureau official said, according to the assessment methods, the future of the county (city, district) the implementation of quality assessment system to the public and bimonthly. Environmental protection, water quality remained good in the upper reaches of river basin will get more compensation funds; quality standards and the continued deterioration of the recommendation

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